WOW! Did you see the final men’s 10,000 meter race?

That final lap was amazing! The pack of runners was still relatively tight,and Mo Farah of Great Britain made a perfect strategic move to the front! It was a great battle for second as well,as the American Galen Rupp made his move on the last curve,and walking down the runner in front of him for a silver medal on the final stretch! Mo Farah looks so smooth when he runs,I told my son before the race that I thought Farah was the favorite,just based on his stride in warm ups!Never saw him run before,but it was exciting to see him and his training partner Rupp finish 1st and 2nd for Gold and Silver medals!

I ran cross country and track in high school..I guess that’s why I love it so much. Fight through the pain,and push forward to the best of your ability. The best trained and most well prepared athlete will prevail!

Can’t wait to see what happens today!

Frank Yates Lee

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I LOVE track and field,and when I saw Usain Bolt SMASH the world record in the 100 meters in 2008,I was stunned. He actually slowed down when he approached the finish line in a celebration!
I believe if he can FOCUS and really shut out all the distractions,he WILL win again. Perhaps even lowering his world record!

His accomplishment rivaled Bob Beamon breaking the long jump record in 1968,by almost TWO FEET!

Exciting,isn’t it?


Frank Yates Lee

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Oh yeah. Here’s another tidbit of info to digest. When this happens…and it will…the financial markets are going to be ROILING!!

Oil will skyrocket….ABSOLUTELY.
Instability will dictate the selling of stocks,as no one (institutional investors especially) want the exposure when a war of this magnitude is going on.
Costs of commerce and manufacturing will be MUCH higher to the price increases in the oil market AND the restrictions on the flow of oil and trade through the Strait of Hormuz. It will be almost shut down until the Iranian military is neutralized,as ships will be in grave danger from attack.

The United States and The UN has not indicated a strong enough stance to ensure that Iran will be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons capability,so Israel will most certainly take on that task to the best of it’s ability. If we do assist them,you can be sure that this administration will make certain that it is not significant enough to make it a QUICK and DECISIVE outcome for Israel.

I mean really, the President hasn’t even visited Israel once to this date. He snubs PM Netanyahu like he is an enemy,not a staunch ally.
Actions speak volumes sir…..(“Just words??..Just speeches??)

Till tommorrow,

Frank Yates Lee

I remember THIS day well!
There was an errant order that came out from a brokerage house’s program trading system,and that set off a MASSIVE wave of PANIC SELLING.

All because of a system that “they” thought was safe and efficient!
Listen to the panic in the traders voices! Trillions of dollars are moving,and FAST….and by the end of the day,the ivory towers of Wall Street were shaken to the core!

Confidence in our financial system is never going to be the same.

The banks aren’t even sure WHAT their exposure is,as derivatives and futures are traded in “black box” ,closed door arrangements.
The European debt crisis ,when it REALLY cracks wide open….it’s going to be A LOT WORSE!
And WE think WE can criticize THEM???
Read “When Genius Failed” by Lowenstein and “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis.
We are in even WORSE shape my friends…..

Till next time,
Frank Yates Lee

The swimming legend Michael Phelps has eclipsed everyone in Olympic history.
More medals (20) and more gold medals (16) than anyone ever before.

The story continues,as there is till one more day of competition left…CAN HE MAKE IT 21 MEDALS??

Let’s hope so!,

Frank Yates Lee
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